Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig Para sa Lahat (Salintubig)

In December 2010, the DILG entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with DOH and NAPC for the implementation of the Provision for Water Supply, also known as the Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig Sa Lahat Program. The Program is designed to provide water supply systems for the 455 waterless municipalities, waterless barangays, waterless health centers, and waterless resettlement sites; and enhance the capacity of the LGUs/water service providers in the planning, implementation, and operation of water supply facilities.

For 2011, the Program covers 115 waterless municipalities, 62 waterless barangays, 55 waterless health centers, and 24 waterless resettlement sites, using the P 1.5 Billion Funds released to DBM.

For 2012, the Program will be transferred to DILG and will cover 150 municipalities, 43 barangays, 46 health centers, and 12 resettlement sites.

The remaining 290 of the 455 waterless municipalities, and a number of waterless barangays, health centers and resettlements sites will be covered from 2013-2016


By 2015, the Program is expected to achieve the following:

  • Increased water service for the waterless population by 50%.
  • Reduced incidence of water-borne and sanitation related diseases by 20%.
  • Improved access of the poor to sanitation services by at least 10%.


The Programs has 2 major components:

1. Infrastructure Investments for Water Supply Systems

    • Rehabilitation/Expansion/Upgrading of Level III water supply systems including appropriate water treatment systems.
    • Construction of Level II water supply systems including appropriate water treatment systems.
    • In areas where only Level I system is feasible, construction and rehabilitation of Level I systems.

2. Institutional Capacity Development

    • Provision of training for existing and newly organized water user associations and community-based organizations
    • Training, mentoring, coaching and other capacity development assistance to LGU's on planning, implementation and management of water supply and sanitation projects.


To date, there are 455 waterless municipalities in the Philippines based on the data from NAPC.

  • Waterless Municipalities

For FY 2011, the Program cover will 115 waterless municipalities. For FY 2012, the Program will cover 150.

  • Waterless Thematic Areas

Poorest/waterless barangays with high incidence of water borne diseases

  • Resettlement areas
  • Health Centers without access to safe water

Implementation Arrangements

As identified in the Tri-partite Agreement, NAPC as the lead coordinating agency of the Program will develop monitoring and evaluation system and will submit reports to the Office of the President; DOH will take the lead in the implementation of the infrastructure component including the review, approval and financing of the water supply systems; and DILG will be responsible for the capacity development requirements of the LGUs and the water service providers in the planning, development, and operations/management of the water services funded by the Program.The Province/Municipalities are the Implementing Agencies of the Water Supply Projects, doing the feasibility studies and engineering design, engaging the contractors for civil works construction, and managing the facilities.


Annual Budget of P1.5 Billion