NAPC Secretary/ Lead Convenor Noel K. Felongco had a courtesy call with Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto

yesterday, September 16.


Secretary Felongco was joined by LACMS headed by Director John Laña and staff of NCR Operations Unit to highlight the principal function of the agency in strengthening basic sectors’ representation in the local level through the Sambayanihan Serbisyong Sambayanan Banner Program. LACMS, meanwhile, underscored the coordination and policy recommendation functions of NAPC to LGUs.


The meeting generated the following agreements: (a) NAPC to organize an Inter-Agency meeting with LGU and other concerned agencies as to the resettlement sites’ issues raised by the NAPC Special Concerns Staff; (b) NAPC to provide secretariat support in crafting the Pasig City Development Plan focusing on the Poverty Reduction and Participatory Governance chapters; and (c) NAPC to provide secretariat support in the accreditation of Civil Society Organizations in Pasig.