NAPC consults the CSOs in Ilocos Region for the draft RA 11291 IRR

October 22, 2019 - Around 300 representatives from the Ilocos Region Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) actively participated in the Day 2 Regional Consultation for the drafting of Republic Act No. 11291 known as Magna Carta of the Poor Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) held at the Hotel Ariana, Bauang La Union.

The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) had successfully presented salient points of IRR to the CSOs and came up with various details based on the following inputs and concerns of the poor. As the plenary discussion was facilitated by Mr. Alfredo M. Antonio and Atty. Orpha Faith B. Malbog of NAPC, the following feedbacks were elevated:

a.) Poor implementation of law
b.) Clarification on the real definition of poor or being poor.
c.) Expensive miscellaneous fees and books on free tuition
d.) Senior Citizen categorizes as poor
e.) Right to own parcel of land to be included in fundamental law.
f.) Too expensive permits and licenses, e.g. fire department
g.) Ancestral domain for indigenous people
h.) Social pension of Senior Citizen and 4Ps beneficiaries are not really poor
i.) Politics on the selection of beneficiaries
j.) Questions on equal protection of the law for the poor

Other inputs, not being covered during the plenary discussion, were collected by the NAPC Secretariat for proper draft consolidation.