Message of NAPC Secretary and Lead Convenor Noel K. Felongco for Labor Day Celebration

Call for Unity Amidst the Celebration of Labor Day

As the whole of nation combats the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and displays its solidarity and resiliency amidst the implementation of community quarantines, let us all take the time to celebrate and commemorate the day of the unsung heroes--- the laborers.

We must always remember that without the Filipino laborer, there will be no Filipino nation. This is a reality that is further emphasized during the current state of national emergency for we are constantly reminded that without those workers who remain at the frontline of this battle, we are left with nothing to fend for ourselves.

However, as we celebrate this, many of our workers in the government sectors are confronted with peril. With the government’s implementation of austerity measures to realign funds for COVID-19 efforts, government agencies are required to freeze hiring and further trim down contractual and job order employees. 

The Contractual Workers Welfare Association of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (CWWA-NAPC) and the NAPC Contract of Service Employee Association (COSEA) sent official communications to the Department of Budget and Management to reconsider the implementation of these austerity measures since the Commission caters to the rights and welfare of the poor and provide necessary mechanisms especially in the pretext of the New Normal. 

It is under this pretext of crisis that we, as a united Filipino people, must work hand in hand in order to survive the onslaught brought by COVID-19 and the possible socioeconomic repercussions of the subsequent implementation of the community quarantine to all industries.

We must emulate cooperation and unity during this time of crisis. The government can only do so much in minimizing the spread of the contagion. We, the Filipino people, must also do our part – to link up and act as our brothers and sisters among our fellow men and women. And through the unity of the people and the government, the genuine manifestation of the whole-of-nation approach, we can overcome the difficulties of these times. Above all these, let us come together as a nation by continually praying to the Almighty for the solution that will absolutely knock down our invisible opponent and  totally eradicate this pandemic.

We, in the National Anti-Poverty Commission carry the solidarity between and among the sectors’ guiding light of this new normal. We celebrate the day of the laboring man imbibed with the laborer’s mentality to work hand-in-hand in rebuilding the Filipino Nation. 

One with the Filipino Working Class. One with the Filipino People. We will heal as one.


Secretary/Lead Convenor