CSOs in Region 8 seek to participate in the implementation of the Magna Carta of the Poor

The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) conducted another regional consultation on the draft Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Magna Carta of the Poor, today (October 29 , 2019) at Leyte Academic Center. This was participated by 102 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representatives in Eastern Visayas.

Tacloban City Councilor Aurora Aime Grafil gave a keynote message on behalf of Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez. She mentioned that we are one in this goal to eradicate poverty but we need to work hard to achieve it.

Mr. Jake Sabdao from NAPC Research Unit discussed the salient points of the RA No.11291 and its draft IRR. The presentation was followed by an open forum which was facilitated by Mr. Dario Cubelo from NAPC-Office of the Head Executive Assistant.

Some of the issues, comments and concerns raised by the CSO reps are the following:

- To include the members of the coop in the definition of the basic sectors.
- There should be representatives at the barangay level because they really know the problems in the community.
- To include the CSOs at the grassroots in the implementation of the Magna Carta of the Poor.
- The sanctions for non-compliant LGUs will be under the power and authority of the people.
- The clarification of the stakeholders and the main agency who will disburse the fund for the poverty reduction programs.
- To ensure that nothing will delay the implementation of the law.
- No discrimination to CSOs.
- To give emphasis on the right to adequate food also include the provision of food on the day-to-day basis as the role of Department of Agriculture.
- How will be the synchronized implementation of the social services.
- Inventory of CSOs in every area to know which organization to tap at the local level.