Call for Nominations

"The National Anti-Poverty Commission, as the Chairperson for the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (SOMRDPE) and the ASEAN Ministers Official Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (AMRDPE), is pleased to enjoin your agency to nominate its civil society organisation, non-government organisation, or private sector partners to the 5th ASEAN Rural Development and Poverty Eradication Awards to be held virtually in November 2021. 

The Awards recognize the roles, outstanding achievements and contributions of NGOs, CSOs, and the private sector in the Philippines to the rural/community development, livelihood, and poverty reduction of local communities. Aside from the opportunity to showcase Philippine models of rural development and poverty eradication, it is also an opportunity to ensure that the contributions and efforts of NGOs/CSOs, and the private sector are realized and shared in the ASEAN community.

For any questions or queries, you may contact Mr. Alexis Alfonso through mobile at 0945-516-6604 and Mr. Charley Urquiza through mobile at 0915-309-1500; or through e-mail at, copy furnish"