Basic Sectors appeal for En-Banc meeting as NAPC kicks off RSA series

The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) launched its first Regional Sectoral Assembly for the 14 Basic Sectors at Fontana Leisure Park, Pampanga yesterday, October 11 in preparation for the upcoming National Sectoral Assembly (NSA) next year.

The NSA aims to formulate new sets of sectoral agendas and electing the composition of the sectoral councils for the 14 basic sectors.

A press conference was conducted at Clark, Pampanga attended by Secretary/Lead Convenor Noel K. Felongco together with the Vice Chairperson for the Basic Sectors Ruperto B. Aleroza, as well as other representatives from the 14 basic sectors.

Secretary Felongco emphasized the importance of convening all the sectors to ensure the inclusive participation of the people in good governance and in order for their rights to be heard.

“We highly value the input from the sectors of the society as they are the ones who are directly affected by the restraints and limitations of poverty. It is our job and mission here in NAPC to ensure that proper representation to the sectors are given,” said Secretary Felongco.

Among the sectors who were able to give an overview of the issues they are facing are the Youth, Children, and Senior Citizens Sector.

The Farmers sector also raised their major concerns and reservations with the recently signed Rice Tarrification law that resulted in the plummeting prices of local rice and has affected the livelihood of many Filipino farmers.

“It is alarming for us that the country continues to plunge in deep crises. It is imperative for the basic sectors and government to work and act together on the concerns of the people. We firmly believe that convening the NAPC En Banc would create valuable inputs in enhancing government programs to alleviate poverty,” Vice Chairperson Aleroza stated.

“As we prepare for the national sectoral assemblies, we are optimistic that President Duterte will heed to our call to convene the NAPC En Banc in the hope of improving government efforts and strengthening its partnership with the basic sectors.” Aleroza ended.

The next Regional Sectoral Assemblies are set to be held in Cagayan De Oro (October 22-23), Davao (October 29-30), Cebu (November 13-14), Lucena (November 27-28), Manila (January 15-16) and Baguio City (January 29-30).