NEDA Region III Assistant Regional Director Evelyn Nacario-Castro and representatives from the Region III offices of DA, DSWD, DOLE, DepEd, DHSUD, and DBM participated in the first Orientation-Seminar on the Magna Carta of the Poor and its IRR for regional government offices on 19 September 2022, conducted by the NAPC Policy and Planning Service (PPS) and hosted by the NEDA Region III office. Led by NAPC OIC-Director Ferdinand B. Hombrebueno, the activity also involved the identification of programs, activities, and projects (PAPs) implemented by said agencies relating to the five (5) fundamental rights of the poor as provided in the Act. The identification of PAPs at the regional level and their outcome and output indicators shall contribute to the formulation of the National Poverty Reduction Plan (NPRP), as also directed by the Act, and the NAPC’s mandate to oversee and monitor compliance with its provisions.

Pursuant to Section 8 of the Magna Carta of the Poor, all government agencies shall formulate a “comprehensive and convergent plan to be achieved by the government for each of the recognized rights of the poor,” known as the NPRP. The NPRP shall comprise all PAPs implemented by the national government agencies and LGUs addressing the five (5) fundamental rights of the poor, which may be expanded or modified in accordance with the requirements of the Act in order to achieve the said thresholds. The NAPC shall lead the formulation of the NPRP and monitor the government’s achievement of the thresholds, leading to a defined end-year when the fundamental rights of the poor shall have been fully realized.