The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) is set to join the simultaneous commemoration of National Indigenous Peoples (NIP) Day and International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples (IDWIP) on August 9, 2022, which will focus on the preservation and passing on of traditional knowledge and practices to the next generations.

NAPC underscores the need to acknowledge the significant contributions of Indigenous women in empowering the voices of their communities, pursuing participatory governance, and alleviating poverty in the country.

“Mahalagang kilalanin ang papel ng mga kababaihang katutubo, hindi lamang sa kanilang mga tahanan, kundi pati sa kanilang mga komunidad… hindi lamang sila nagsisilbing tagapangalaga ng kanilang mayamang kultura at karunungan; kundi ang pinunong ginagalang at itatanghal ng marami.”, NAPC OIC/Undersecretary Paterna Ruiz said.

The Indigenous Peoples is one of the 14 basic sectors of NAPC that continually promotes the rights and well-being of IP sector.

Among the agenda of the sector are ensuring immediate titling of ancestral lands, pushing for the ratification of ILO Convention 169 or the Indigenous Tribal and Peoples Convention, and assuring the meaningful representation of the IPs in local government.

Hence, NAPC vows to continue its coordination and collaboration to ensure their access to social services, achieve social protection, and dedicate suitable and humane anti-poverty programs and policy recommendations through the IP Sectoral Council.

Furthermore, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) spearheads the event every August 9 of each year pursuant to Republic Act No. 10689 to bolster public awareness and promote the continued recognition and protection of the rights and welfare of Indigenous Cultural Communities and Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) in the Philippines.