It is recognized that true and meaningful development will not be attained unless gender concerns are integrated in the development process. As part of the commitment of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) to increase the awareness and appreciation of Gender and Development (GAD) issues and concerns within the communities, and to conduct gender sensitization and promote integration of the basic principles of GAD in handling community matters, the NAPC GAD Unit headed by the NAPC GAD Chairperson Paterna M. Ruiz, in partnership with the Office of the Secretary Noel K. Felongco, conducted a series of Gender Sensitivity Training for the Ka-Sambayanihan Volunteers in Visayas, NCR, Mindanao, as well as in the Resettlement Sites in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal on March 11-14, 16-19, 22-25, and April 6-8, 2022 respectively.

The trainings equipped the participants on the basic concepts of sex and gender and allowed for an interactive discussion of gender roles and the social institutions that shape these roles. The participants also had a workshop on gender sensitivity and was able to present their outputs in the plenary. Each training emphasized the significant role of GAD and gender-mainstreaming in envisioning and actually creating a gender-fair society.