There’s a glaring inadequacy in the national government’s assistance to disaster-hit communities in the past years, according to the National Anti-Poverty Commission-Victims of Disasters and Calamities Sectoral Council (NAPC-VDC). “A huge gap can be seen on recovery and rehabilitation efforts of the government in affected communities, especially... read more

“I am willing to facilitate the dialogue between implementing housing agencies and leaders of Kadamay and other organizations to immediately resolve the crisis,” National Anti-Poverty Commission Secretary Liza Maza said. Secretary Maza said that the housing backlog caused by the failure of the housing programs of past administrations has already... read more
NAPC pushes to review DepEd guidelines on military activities in Lumad schools
Maza: "Attacks on indigenous communities must stop."

National Anti-Poverty Commission Secretary Liza Maza today praises a Lumad school’s system as a best practice model for culture-sensitive education for the indigenous children not only in Mindanao but in all parts of the country, at the "Consultation and Engagement on Land, Education, Environment, and Peace in SOS Communities in Mindanao" in Davao... read more

National Anti-Poverty Commission Secretary Liza Maza today said “NAPC will look for ways to improve children of indigenous people’s (IPs) access to education that is sensitive to IP culture, beliefs, and needs.” Maza made the commitment after a visit to the Community Technical College of Southeastern Mindanao (CTCSM), the largest Lumad school... read more

The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) lauds the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 1305 or the “Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017 which seeks to grant 120 days of maternity leave to expectant mothers in the government, private, and informal sectors.  “Maternity should never be a burden. But it becomes such when you have to worry about the... read more

Filipino women remain among the poorest sectors in our society (1 in 4 women and 3 in 10 children account for the country’s poor). Women are more likely to go hungry, lack access to the most basic needs, and remain impoverished. The National Anti-Poverty Commission works with the Filipino women in their fight against hunger and poverty.In... read more


Batingaw Isyu 3

Pagbabago ng Pagpapatuloy, Pagpapatuloy ng Pagbabago
National Week for Overcoming Extreme Poverty 2016

The observance of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty can be traced back to 17 October 1987 when over a hundred thousand people from all walks of life gathered at the Plaza of Human Rights and Liberties (that time the place is named Trocadero Plaza) in Paris, France to honor the victims of extreme poverty, hunger, violence, and... read more
Bahay, Buhay at Kabuhayan: Toolkit sa Pagbubuo at Pagpapatupad ng People's Plan

Sinasalamin ng Toolkit na ito ang proseso ng pagbubuo ng isang plano ng pamayanan na nakaugat sa kanilang pinagsamang naisin, adhikain at pangarap na kaunlaran.
Integrated Community Food Production

A long-term government intervention to address hunger in the country, the ICFP Program is our response to the call of the United Nations to return to or develop a more sustainable and natural organic system to feed the world. The ICFP Program empowers the people to produce their food requirements around their home through fruit, vegetable and root... read more
RA 8425 Primer

A primer on Republic Act 8425 (An Act Institutionalizing Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Program, Creating for the Purpose the National Anti-Poverty Commission, Defining its Powers and Functions, and for Other Purposes).

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